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      A brief History of Loan Performer Software

LOAN PERFORMER has it's roots at the "Uganda Women's Finance Trust" (now "Uganda Finance Trust" and an MDI) where it was initially developed as the "Trust Information System (TIS)". This program started as a MS-DOS based client data entry program towards the end of 1995. Later, the client module was re-written for Windows 95, and bit by bit, new modules were added. Development at UWFT took about 3 years, from 1995 to 1998. The product had so much potential that Crystal Clear Software Ltd. took over the future support and development. The name was changed into "LOAN PERFORMER " and a lot of modifications were made to make it attractive for other Micro-Finance Institutions.

Towards the end of July 1998, LOAN PERFORMER became available as a commercial product. The first commercial release was Version 4.0. As the product was developed with a single organisation in mind, version 4.0 was not very suitable for most other organisations.

Version 5.0 was released in September 1999.
It contained many additional features for the shares, savings, loans and accounting modules. In April 2000 Chuck Waterfield, an independent consultant, reviewed LOAN PERFORMER. His main conclusion was: "I can honestly say I found this one of the nicer programs I have reviewed. It has a nice user interface, good help system, and thorough reporting structure. It is reasonably stable. And although I didn't try a large database, the FoxPro engine should provide decent performance for small and medium-scale MFIs. It covers a pretty significant portion of the core features needed in an MIS: integrated accounting package, individual and group lending; a basic savings account, and blocked savings."

In the same month Andrew Mainhart - and later Joseph Kotun - tested LOAN PERFORMER for CGAP, the Consultative Group to Assist the Poorest. He found LOAN PERFORMER a very user friendly program and it has the best help system he has ever seen.
Their report is available to the public and can be downloaded from the CGAP website or by clicking here.

Version 6.0 was launched in October 2002.
This version is a multi-language version where one user can be logged in using the French interface, another using an English interface, a third person a Spanish and a fourth person a Russian interface, all using the same database. Also the reports and the help systems are in different languages. In addition to this, version 6.0 can handle many more savings products and each product can be parameterized differently. The accounting has been improved and organizations are no longer limited to the American chart of accounts.

Version 7.0 dates of October 2004. This is the first version that runs on both Foxpro and SQL Server databases, it also has Cash-Flow Statements and loans can be linked to a foreign currency.

Version 8.0 was released on 3 December 2011. This is a major release with a complete overhaul of the source code. It has advanced features like Mobile Banking, Fingerprint Scanning, WAN functionality, Poverty Assessment, Multi-currency, Checking accounts etc.

Loan Performer's usage has steadily grown over the past 10 years. Currently Crystal Clear Software Ltd. implements, on average, 4 new installations of Loan Performer per month. That is a big increase as we started with 4 installations in the whole of the first year. Geographically, the spread is about 72% in Africa, 18% in Eastern Europe and Asia, 10% in the Caribbean and Latin America.

Crystal Clear Software Ltd. is committed to this product and intends to make it the best micro-finance software available without compromising on the price.

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