Loan Performer is the number 1 Microfinance software for MFI institutions worldwide
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Loan Performer Features
Provides a description of Loan Performer's requirements, its rich features and snapshots
System Requirements
Loan Performer is a Windows based application. It has a set of requirements that must be met.
Features of the Shares Module
Features of the Deposits Module
Features of the Loans Module
Features of the Accounting Module
Advanced Features of the Savings Module
Advanced Features of the Loans Module
Advanced Features of the Accounting Module
Advanced Features of the SMS Banking Module
Advanced Features of the WAN Module
August 2013 Newsletter The August 2013 edition
July 2013 Newsletter The July 2013 edition
June 2013 Newsletter The June 2013 edition
May 2013 Newsletter The May 2013 edition
Training and Support: These services are available internationally from Crystal Clear partners.
Click here to access to view the training and support center near you.
Updates. These pages contain all updates for known Bugs in versions 7.10 to 8.15, 6.xx and some for the first releases of 5.xx.
Version 8.15
Version 8.14
Version 8.12.06
Version 8.12.04
Version 7.xx
Version 6.xx
Version 5.xx
Purchases. The page contains all the information necessary to know how to get Loan Performer software. You find the pricing structure, payment options and an order form.
History of Loan Performer software. talks about the evolution of Loan Performer. How it started and the various versions it went through.
Clientele statistics. Contains updated statistics for Loan Performer world wide statistics.
Events. Contains past and present events of Crystal Clear Software team. Awards, anniversary celebrations, videos and press release content can be accessed here.
User groups. This is a group of Loan Performer users on Yahoo groups. Join and share your experience, discussions, news events, releases and other facts you want to find out.
Customer Charter. This page contains our customer charter, the different service level agreements and the relations between you as our client and we as the service provider.
About us. About Crystal Clear Software Ltd. The company profile, employees, financial statistics and more.
Contact us. Quick contact information to reach the headquarters in Kampala, Uganda and Crystal Clear Software South Africa.
Downloads. Contains downloads of loan Performer Software.
  Downloads for new clients
  Downloads for existing clients
  Downloads for Consultants and resellers
Bugs. All bug fixes, definitions and updates for Loan Performer supported versions are found here. Note that you must be logged in to access Bugs pages.
  Versions. 7.10, 7.09, 7.08, 7.07, 7.06, 7.05, 7.04, 6.17, SQL Server
Contact Information
Hans Verkoyen,
King Fahd Plaza,
3rd Floor
Plot 52 Kampala Road,
Kampala, Uganda

Fax: +256-414-233644
Posting Address: 7463 King Fahd Plaza, Kampala Rd, Kampala, Uganda
Telephone: +256-414-231739
Costa Rica Regional Offices
Elka Hernandez
Apartado Posta: 3000-2007 Heredia, Costa Rica

Edificio ALEJU, Oficina #7, frente al liceo Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo de Heredia
++(506) 2221-3211 (Office)
++(506) 8866-6215
++(506) 2221-3211

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