Loan Performer is the number 1 Microfinance software for MFI institutions worldwide
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The costs of the Loan Performer software depends on:
  • The number of (concurrent) users that need to work with Loan Performer
  • The number of branches (you need a license for every branch)
  • Whether you want SMS Banking and/or Fingerprint scanning facilities (available only in version 8)
Prices for a Single Branch Installation in USD
License Cost Annual Fees Total
Single User 900 207 1,107
5-Users 1,600 368 1,968
12-Users 2,200 506 2,706
20-Users 3,000 690 3,690
Please note that:
  • Version 7.10 licenses can be supplied with a Foxpro database or a SQL Server (Express) database.
    Version 8 licenses can only be supplied with a SQL Server (Express) database.
  • Fingerprint Scanning, SMS Banking and WAN functionality are additional modules in version 8 at additional costs.
  • If you have several branches, you can claim a  rebate of 35% on the licenses for 2 to 5 branches, 40% for more than 6 branches.
On top of the license we charge an annual fee, which is at 20 percent of the license cost. When you buy the software you should count on 23% extra for the first year. For the 23% you get free updates and free email/fax/phone/ftp/chat support. The software is not sold without annual fees.

Example of the pricing structure

  • An organisation that wants a single user, one branch version, pays USD 1,107 (900 +207) plus annually USD 207 (23%).
  • An organisation that wants a single user, 3 branches version, pays USD 2,159 (3 branches x USD 900 less 35% rebate + 404) plus annually USD 404 (23%).
  • An organisation that wants a 5 user, one branch, full version, pays USD 1,968 (1,600 + 368) plus annually USD 368 (23%).
  • An organisation that wants a 12-User License, one branch, full version, pays USD 2,706 (2,200 + 506) plus annually USD 506 (23%).
  • An organisation that wants a single user, full version for 10 branches, pays USD 5,940 (5,500 + 1,242, 10 branches x 900 less 40% + 1,242) plus annually USD 1,242 (23% of 5,500).

If you need to consolidate data into a corporate database at Head Office, you need an additional license, which is free of charge. It allows you to import data for reporting purposes. You cannot enter any information.
Note that the above does not include training and implementation expenses. See our Training page on how you can organise that.

The procedure for obtaining a license is that you specify what you need, we send you a pro-forma, you make the payment and we mail you the license. In general people download the software to prevent shipping charges.

Payment Options
Payments can be made:
- by bank transfer 
- by money transfer (Western Union) or 
- by credit card. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express and JCB. We do not accept Electron cards. In case of payment by credit card, you have to add on 6% of the invoiced amount as charges. For security reasons, we cannot process credit cards on-line. You need to email us a scanned letter authorizing us to charge your credit card. You should include copies of the front and backside of your card, the name of the card holder, the card number, the security number at the back of the card and the reason for payment. The letter should have the address, telephone and signature of the cardholder. You can email this to

Order Details
Please use the form below to ask for a Pro-forma for Loan Performer. Fields marked (*) must be filled in.
Name of Organisation       
Abbreviation        *
Contact Person        *
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Country        *
Telephone        *       Fax
Number of branches        *
We need        Loan Performer at each branch [Decentralized administration]
Loan Performer at head office only [Centralized administration].
We order        A Single User License at USD 900 plus USD 207 annual fees
A 5-User License at USD 1,600 plus USD 368 annual fees
A 12-User License at USD 2,200 plus USD 506 annual fees
A 20-User License at USD 3,000 plus USD 690 annual fees
Ship a CD        Yes! send me a Loan Performer CD by mail [USD 65]
No! I will download Loan Performer from this website.
Training        We need training at your premises in Kampala
We need training at our premises
We prefer an e-training
We shall sort out our training
Training Manual        Yes send me a training manual [USD 80 plus shipping].
I prefer to download the training manual [USD 50]
No, don't send me a training manual.
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