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     7.10 Bug fixes -- details

6736       On the Savers Statement report for multiple clients (page 2), a filter is added for geographic areas and cost centers (Ghana Mineworkers Union, Ghana)

6689       Modified Transactions Log gave error "Allshareholder not found"

6508       When the user select a branch or cost center at Forex Report, an error message was displayed

6441       An error message "Cannot save booking of financial transactions, branch code does not match", Was displayed when saving shares transactions for business clients in a Foxpro multi branch database

5823       Entry of a new foreign currency rate on a date before other GL transactions did not update the forex amount in the GL table

5799       The Overdraft Aging Analysis Report did not show overdrafts in the "Current Period"

5663       Problem with Finger print scanning not working with Windows 7 and 64 bit computers has been resolved.

5573       Denominations added at cash report and at cash deposit and withdrawal receipts (Pame/Agetip, Senegal)

5046       The Multi-Client Deposit screen has been extended to allow Multi Currency transactions

6992       When user configured loan approval stages at system/ configurations/ loan product settings to loan approval in 3 stages .i.e. accountant, assistant manager and branch manager and client applied for a loan, paid loan application fees for that loan, then when the accountant logged in to approve that loan at the first stage the loan was not there (The First Microfinance Agency, Kenya)

7386       When the user sets loan commissions to be charged before or after approval, the system does not update the same on the Loans Menu and user has to log out and login again (Pame/Agetip, Senegal)

7380       At Loan Application Part 3, the system saves the default Business Sector irrespective of the user's input (Turame, Burundi)

7372       The Outstanding balance report takes too long to display, corrected for an SQL Server database (Turame, Burundi)

7371 and 7359    The Arrears report is very slow, corrected for an SQL Server database  (Turame, Burundi)

7365       When the user sets penalties to be calculated as a simple percentage and selects principal, interest and penalties in arrears option, the system does not seem to save at Loan Product Setting (Pame/Agetip, Senegal)

7363       Loan disbursement gives an error if user chooses to put all loans on a particular day of the week

7309       When you import more than one loan application, LPF 8.04 updates the Loan table with only  Loan applications that have odd Loan numbers and leaves out all loan applications that have even loan numbers (PAIQ, Madagascar)

7305       If the user changes the decimal settings for the default currency, this did not update the public variable

7304       When viewing report on Fully repaid loans, the system terminated when it grouped by disbursement date

7302       The message "Error: Variable <MRESULT> is not found" was displayed when posting a shares' transaction

7301       The disbursement report format 4 did not display the average loan processing time

7262       All end of reporting period validations have been removed so that reports can be run even after the login date

7259       The message "A required file is not available in the database..." was displayed when the user changed the number of days in arrears in the Ageing Report

7246       At Group Savings Withdrawal, Transaction information for a group when savings are tracked at group member level, saved without posting the group member data

7244       When a user set the parameters of statistical number should be unique, then later one deactivated it and imported clients, a message popped up during the importation: "Statistical number should be unique", yet the option was not activated at configuration.

7233       The message "Cannot access the selected table: cCurrency" was displayed when the user entered new Exchange Rates at Support Files.

7232       The message "Error: Property SHOW is not found" was displayed when the user wanted to quit the system by clicking the white cross in the upper-left corner.

7218       The message "An error occurred retrieving data from the server. Please try again later" was displayed when the user inputted timeout as 9999

7212       In the Share transaction report the totals for shares were not readable.

7203       At group registration when ending member ship, a message sayings "... the client has an outstanding loan, you cannot end registration" was displayed

7202       At savings deposit/withdrawal for a group client at  Group Member Information, the Amount entered was editable which is not the case for version 7.10.14

7201       When user tried to check on debit and credit in Gen ledger under menu Tools/checks on data entry, the accounts to post to are not displayed.

7213       The template to Replace the Chart of Accounts now has an additional column saying "Include sub-accounts". If this is ‘1’, it includes all sub-accounts of the account in the previous column.

7190       In the Spanish version the error message "Error: string is too long to fit" when user wanted to view the "Payments made during a period" report.

7188       A message "select loan number" was displayed when a user clicked "Save" during the deletion of a loan approval after deleting a loan disbursement

7143       The Income and Expenditure statement lacked the totals for the period.

7142       Viewing the Trial Balance popped an error: "Error retrieving data from the server"

7133       When the user displayed the disbursement report in a foreign currency, the report was displayed in base currency

7125       The receipt, when posting a savings withdrawal, did not show the transaction date

7112       When registration new clients for the first time with USD accounts defined for the user, the fees account showed in USD instead of the base currency

7037       There is a difference in some of the figures for the portfolio at risk report in version 7.10.14 and version 8.01. And the aged loans total is more than the total number of loans (Advance Uganda)

6989       A message "Error: operator/operand type mismatch" was displayed at "loan application fees before approval" screen opened

6972       When saving info for multiple deposit by cheque deposits,  an error popped up

6932       LPF showed the deposits for the groups and business clients twice in the savers statements report.

6879       When the user printed the defined products at System Configuration, the product name and whether it is enabled or not, was not printed on the report

6739       The default ID document number is added on the clients Savers Statement (Ghana Mineworkers Union, Ghana)

6658       During importation of loan disbursements, the message "Data type of cell (2,14) does not match with the table" was displayed

6582       Totals on the  Outstanding Balance Report were not visible

6336       The Report on Cheques did not display bounced cheques in a multi branch database

6132       At debtors invoices, when the user clicked on "Print" nothing is displayed

5659       Report formats 2 and 3 on the 2nd page of the Client reports now have a column gender

5480       ID Number for Groups and Business clients were not displayed at savings withdrawal


7489      A message "Error: Property CURRID is not found" was displayed in several Group Members Porfolio Reports, Turame, Burundi

7487      Totals added for Group Members Outstanding Balance Report

7476      The transfer of all matured Time Deposits to a particular savings account was not working

7468      A message "LPF encountered a data type error" was displayed when deleting a loan disbursement, SAI, India

7464      User can now indicate whether Middle name is a mandatory field or not

7461      When posting cash entries, a message "Table<CHEQPRNT> passed to function <GetChangedFields>" was displayed

7460      PAR could not be viewed in summary form

7459      When a Time Deposit was created it could not be modified, SAI, India

7458      Message "Error : END TRANSACTION command cannot be issued without a corresponding BEGIN TRANSACTION command" was displayed when posting loan repayments. The same when posting savings transafer for same client

7457      When posting several Time Deposit withdrawals by cheque one after the other, the client's name disappeared

7456      A message "Error Message: User Thrown Error, returned from Function: RunProcedureWithThreeStringParameters" was displayed when posting charges for withdrawals at Charges and Rewards

7449      At multi -purpose deposit, the systen did not include loan repayments within the screen, SAI, India

7448     At modify loan application, a message "Loan already disbursed" was displayed if the disbursement, approval and commission fees of the same loan were deleted, SAI, India

7445   At modifying a loan at loan entry page 3, the option to print a photo was active yet during application it was deactivated

7444    At modify loan application, the system did not pick the exact day for "put all dates on" as at loan application, SAI, India

7443      The external files for reindexing a database were not working and have been replaced (Turame, Burundi)

7434      The open file dialog was displayed when the userr wanted to Reprint Repayment Schedule

7430      Printing cheques in cheque clearing window did not give a dialogue box for options as opposed to version 7, Jislah, Ghana

7428      User could not enter payment of Loan commission by cheque, Jislah, Ghana

7426      Error: "String is too long to fit" found at entry of loan application where x% is required on the users savings account

7425      Loan Ledger Card is not completely visible: Loan Purpose column is truncated, Jislah, Ghana

7418     A message "Error: Object OGLTRANS is not found" was displayed when transfering savings from one account to another for the same client in a WAN environment, Harmos, Zambia

7417     A message "Error Message: User Thrown Error....." was displayed when user clicked on "Choose" at "Deposit to/Withdrawal from multiple clients" in a WAN environment, Harmos, Zambia

7413      A message "Error Message: Property SQLSERVERGETINDLOOKUP WITHSAV IS NOT FOUND....." was displayed when user clicked on "Choose" when posting Savings Withdrawals in a WAN environment, Harmos, Zambia

7412      A message "error Message: serverupdateindclient d:\lpf804\main.prg Error in line 3621 File......" was displayed when registering new individual clients in a WAN environment, Harmos, Zambia

7408     A message "Invalid parameters passed to function getInterBranchAccount" found at Savings Deposit in a WAN environment, Harmos, Zambia

7407     At loan application a message "no valid date fund" since 30/12/1899 was shown and transaction could not proceed, Harmos, Zambia

7405     The system did not increase the Client Registration Code when clients were being registered in a multibranch database , Harmos, Zambia

7403     When user tries to view loan ledger cards in a WAN environment, the names of clients were not displayed, Harmos, Zambia

7402      WAN login error, Harmos, Zambia

7399      Speed Issue: Client report took too long in SQL Server database, page 2 report state during a period, Turame, Burundi

7395      After purging, the system did not display any information to show that the records were deleted, Turame, Burundi

7388      Cash entries returned a bug: "Table <CheqPrnt> must be buffered"

7381      When patching a Foxpro Database a message popped up: "Cannot update cursor CLUSCELL, since it is read-only", Harmos, Zambia

7374      SQL : Outstanding Balances Report returned an XML error when there are no records returned

7352      Speed Issue: Savings Deposits/Withdrawals took too long in SQL Server database, Turame, Burundi

7351     Speed Issue: Client report takes too long in SQL Server database, Turame, Burundi

7349      Speed Issue: Outstanding Loans report took too long in SQL Server database, Turame, Burundi

7343      At restoring of data, an error message "ERROR -HANDLER" was found, Turame, Burundi

7299      The conversion of the chart of accounts in an empty database was not working

7289      At importation of savings Transaction, a message"user-operator interface not allowed" was displayed in a Windows 7

7260      The message "Error: SQL: Column 'CURRID' is not found" was displayed after a loan repayment when the user accessed the Clients Module

7164     After setting the inter-branch GL Accounts at Configuration/Accounting, the accounts were not refreshed when the user selected the Transaction Branch Host or Remote Branch at retrieval

7083      When converting the chart of accounts at Configuration/Accounting, user got a message "Need exclusive access to the database"

6652      System does not accrue interest for flat /declining loans

6437      When the user exported individual client data to Word at the Clients Module, some details were not correct

6296      Error  during savings interest calculation

3609      When tracking Group transactions at Member Level, a member could not be converted to an Individual Client while keeping his/her transaction history


1.       An SQL Script has been made available to consolidate SQL Server branch databases (BugTracker 5376, Maata-N-Tudu, Ghana)

2.       A page on Fixed Deposit details is added when viewing client's details (BTracker 4938, AIC, Jamaica)

3.       Search added for Members in a group to ease the transaction process (deposit or withdraws, BTracker 5075, Advance, Uganda)

4.       If a discrepancy exists between group and members' savings if savings is tracked at member level and the transaction code does not exist at group level, the user was unable to delete/modify the transaction (BTracker 5321, Buusa Gonofa, Ethiopia)

5.       If the Savings minimum balance is less than the Charged Amount, LPF is able to pick only the amount requested (BTracker 5196)

6.       The Savings Transfer Slip has been modified and is now more presentable (BTracker 5296)

7.       The Savings Transactions and the Savings Transaction per voucher number reports have an option to print only for interest transactions (BTracker 5156, Swabhimaan, India)

8.       The Amount column in the Savings Transactions Report is split between Debit and Credit (BTracker 5153, Swabhimaan, India)

9.       The Personal Ledger for all clients report now has a negative amount as debit in the savings transfer column after a transfer of savings (Btracker,  5079, Fanampia Ivoarana, Madagscar)

10.   A New format is added to the Personal Ledger report (BTracker 5056, Tazama Sacco, Tanzania)

11.   Time-Deposits can be included in the Savings Balances report (BTracker 4776)

12.   A new time deposit certificate format has been added (BTracker 5066, AIC, Jamaica)

13.   Quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments of interest for Time Deposits is now also possible (BTracker 4940, AIC, Jamaica)

14.   The Time Deposit Interest Payment Column in the Time Deposit Import template gave only two options. The other payment options are now also available (BTracker 5037)

15.   Label "Branch Manager" at Time-Deposit receipt has been replaced by "Function ......." (BTracker 5170, Swabhimaan, India)

16.   Repayment instructions are included on the Maturity report for Time-Deposits (BTracker 4937, AIC, Jamaica)

17.   Client's address added to Fixed/Time deposit certificate (BTracker 4936, AIC, Jamaica)

18.   Client's address and desired method of payment added to the Accrued Interest on Time Deposits Report (BTracker 4935, AIC, Jamaica)

19.   Accounts at Configuration/Fees should show all accounts so that if client wants these can also be balance sheet accounts (BTracker 5206, Paidek, DRC)

20.   At Configuration/Loans Part 2 a checkbox is added saying: "Use Declining Balance Compounded method to calculate interest for loans on declining balance" (BTracker 4907, Urban Ministry, Nigeria)

21.   User can set the basis for calculation of Arrears i.e. either Principal or Total Repayment at Configuration/Loans Part 1 (BTracker 5337, Harmos, Zambia)

22.   On page 2 of Loan Application, a button "Correct for non-working days" has been added (BTracker 5402, Alide, Benin)

23.   User can set whether to include or exclude minimum balance when paying Arrears from savings (BTracker 5076, Advance, Uganda)

24.   Checkbox added at Automatic Calculation of Penalties saying "Include end of period date in penalty calculation" (BTracker 5309, Indefund, Malawi)

25.   User can Save report on Penalties Charged on Loans in Arrears to file after having printed this (BTracker 5308, Indefund, Malawi)

26.   At menu Loans/Recalculate Interest, a checkbox is added saying "Exclude uncleared cheques for loan repayments" (BTracker 5302, Indefund, Malawi)

27.   Column "Amount Not Due" added to format 5 of Outstanding Loans report (BTracker 5442)

28.   The field udf1, udf2, and udf3 are added to the Outstanding Loan Balances report when printed to Excel (BTracker 5404)

29.   Number of Beneficiaries has been added to the Outstanding Loans report (new format) (BTracker 5405, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)

30.   Portfolio at Risk report can be printed to exclude loans with only interest, commision or penalties in arrears (BTracker 5152, Advance, Uganda)

31.   User can print only selected age classes at Ageing report (BTracker 5150, Advance, Uganda)

32.   A checkbox is added on Amounts Due report saying "Cumulate invoices to a single invoice as of reporting date" (BTracker 5301, Indefund, Malawi)

33.   Pre-Payments report has been modified so it can be run for a single date (not a period) (BTracker 5439, Harmos, Zambia)

34.   A new format is added to the Collection Sheet (BTracker 5437, Hope International, DRC)

35.   New format Savings and Loan Collection Sheet Pawdep (BTracker 5100, Pamoja Women, Kenya)

36.   Commission due added to Loan Collection Sheet (BTracker 4927, National Housing, Kenya)

37.   Client code & savings account numbers are added on the collection sheet (BTracker 4060, Hope International, DRC)

38.   One of the formats of the Collection sheet has been tuned to the needs of Grameen Costa Rica (BTracker 5349, Grameen, Costa Rica)

39.   The Guarantors and Collateral report can now be printed for loans where collateral values is less than loan amount in arrears (BTracker 5300, Indefund, Malawi)

40.   Client's phone no. and address are added to the Upcoming Maturity report (BTracker 4939, AIC, Jamaica)

41.   Account number can be added for headers and sub-headers in Trial Balance (just like the Balance Sheet, BTracker 5059)

42.   Client Reference Number is now part of the Breakdown Report cursor on page 2 if printed by client and exported (BTracker 5438, Fivoy, Madagascar)

43.   Cash/Bank account to debit on page 3 of Assets Records now includes all GL accounts (BTracker 5099)

44.   The name and client code of the client are added to the creditors reports (BTracker 5294, Pame/Agetip, Senegal)

45.   Name of client added to payment order and receipt when entering creditor's invoice c. q. payment (BTracker 5293, Pame/Agetip, Senegal)

46.   The name of the client together with the his\her account number is added to the Cash Transactions report (BTracker 5098, Advance Uganda)

  1. Error message when running a reindex process in an SQL database (BTracker 4679)

  2. LPF license showed 1 Network User at System, Registration even for a 5 or 12 user license (BTracker 4631, Busimbi Rice Growers, Uganda)

  3. Date Picker defaulted to some irrelevant date (BTracker 4743)

  4. Priorities for Client ID documents were not respected by LPF (BTracker 4723)

  5. Modification of group Member ID document dates was impossible at Clients\Group\Group Members - Identification Tab (BTracker 4685)

  6. Guarantor who guarantees other loans could not be entered as a new client if ID document was compulsory and unique (BTracker 4864, Mampita, Madagascar)

  7. The Priority of ID Documents was not automatic when entering new clients (BTracker 4619)

  8. User is now able to attach a loan officer to a group (BTracker 4843, The First Microfinance Agency, Kenya)

  9. Option to search on Guarantors added. The search menu only allowed Individuals, Groups/Group Members and Businesses (BTracker 4867)

  10. When user searched on ID Card number, LPF showed this field as empty (BTracker 4866)

  11. If a client was blacklisted at Loans/Write-off, (s)he did not show on the blacklisted report (BTracker 4663, The First Micro finance Agence, Kenya)

  12. The Client report for group members with outstanding balances gave no output (BTracker 4673, Findev, Azerbadjan)

  13. If ID documents were set to 18 characters, only a part was visible after at entry of clients and on the clients report (BTracker 4755)

  14. In cases of transferred shares, there was a difference between the Register of "current balance" of company shares and the Register of Shares for a person (BTracker 4662, Wasasa, Ethiopia)

  15. Deleting or modifying Shares transfers was impossible (BTracker 4661, Wasasa, Ethiopia)

  16. VAT has been Enable for Savings (BTracker 4427, Ned Consultants, Nigeria)

  17. LPF did not permit to make a deposit if there was a negative balance on the savings account and Overdraft Protection was enabled (BTracker 4815, Hope International, DR Congo)

  18. The withdrawal of savings deposits was not working properly if savings were supposed to be a guarantee for the loan (BTracker 4649)

  19. Loan Guarantee Savings Withdrawal was impossible if a client had an outstanding loan from a loan product that is not linked to Savings (BTracker 4696, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)

  20. LPF made it possible for a client to withdraw guaranteed savings after loan application or disbursement if a loan was linked to savings in loan part 3 (BTracker 4790)

  21. LPF did not allow overdrafts when the Overdraft protection was unrestricted and the maximum negative balance specified (BTracker 4777)

  22. Receipt for Savings Withdrawal, A4, 2 copies per page did not align with General Receipt A4, 2 copies per page (BTracker 4644, Alide, Benin)

  23. Importation of savings transactions for a group with member tracking created separate transaction codes for each member (BTracker 4640)

  24. Option added to print consolidated savings balances per account (not per product) at Savings Outstanding Balances report (BTracker 4656, Entrepreneurs du monde, France)

  25. Added a format with Client Reference number to Savings Balances report, Personnel Ledger for all clients, Loans Outstanding Balances report and Arrears report (BTracker 4669, Group Agir, Haiti)

  26. Savings Balances report by Sex and Summary doubled M/F classes (BTracker 4652, Alide, Benin)

  27. If receipt option 4 was chosen for savings withdrawal, an error was generated an no withdrawal could be made (BTracker 4665)

  28. Group Members Saving statements report was showing duplicate transactions (BTracker 4778)

  29. The personal ledger balances report showed incorrect balances for loans applied for (BTracker 4660)

  30. After the importation of Time Deposit by savings transfer the TD could not be retrieved (BTracker 4709, Coopec Nyawera, DR Congo)

  31. Clients with ended Membership/Registration were able to open and Withdraw Time Deposits (BTracker 4739)

  32. LPF carried out a repetitive "deletion" on all the previously deleted fixed deposits for every new deletion of a TD (BTracker 4802, Townserve MF Bank, Nigeria)

  33. Deletion of transactions entered from charges and rewards for multiple accounts generated a wrong message ("transaction code does not exist") yet it existed (BTracker 4760)

  34. The Rounding buttons at loan loan application, page 2 did not work properly in case of VAT (BTracker 4768)

  35. LPF rounded off the interest + Principle at Modify Group Members Repayment Schedule. This happened when user clicked anywhere in either the Interest or Principle Column and when clicking on the Return tab. LPF gave a message that the loan amount of the member does not match the total principal installments (BTracker 4686, Wasasa, Ethiopia)

  36. Baloon Repayments for Group Member loans did not respect the principle of setting the loan amount as the last principal installment (BTracker 4742)

  37. At Configuration user can now set a parameter whether client can have only a single loan being processed before disbursement (BTracker 4653, Alide, Benin)

  38. LPF did allow a client to apply for a second loan (using the importation method) even if the option "Client may apply for a 2nd loan when first loan still outstanding" was not checked (loan part 1, BTracker 4599)

  39. LPF reported Variable <Number of installments in grace period> wrongly at disbursement and did not report at all when a loan contract was generated under Loans\portfolio reports\Generate loan contracts (BTracker 4789)

  40. Loan Amounts with decimals were not exported with decimals to MS Word for the creation of loan contracts (BTracker 4775)

  41. The name of the treasurer and secretary were not updated in the loan contract if printed at disbursement (BTracker 4813)

  42. LPF displayed an error message when user tried to preview the repayment schedule after disbursement (BTracker 4689)

  43. Disbursement to Group Member by Cheque gave an error (Variable ‘Phone’ not found, (BTracker 4706)

  44. Loan contract variables added to include fees deducted at disbursement (BTracker 4664, Hope International, DR Congo)

  45. Loan Contract did not show the address and phone number of the Group Chairperson (BTracker 4844)

  46. Loan Contract at disbursement did not show variables <Member Number>, <Treasurer>, <Secretary> (BTracker 4849)

  47. Variable for ID Card number for Chairperson and Board Members was not updated when printing a loan contract for the group (BTracker 4830)

  48. In the disbursement drop down box, the option "disbursement to supplier" was missing at System/Configuration/ Loans Part 1 (BTracker 4625)

  49. Automatic disbursements gave an error "Column TUSERID not found" (BTracker 4645, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)

  50. The automatic disbursement did not book commission deducted to the GL (BTracker 4854, Finadev, Tchad)

  51. A textbox added to disregard the period before a certain date to the menus "Loan Repayment", "Multi-Purpose Deposits", "Amounts Due" so that LPF starts calculating interest on these loans on declining balance starting from this date (BTracker 4715, Indefund, Malawi)

  52. A loan repayment from the savings account was not possible if the whole savings balance was to be used, even if no minimum balances were set. The available balance was the balance minus 1 only (BTracker 4681, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)

  53. When decimal places were set to zero at System/Configuration/General and user tried to make a loan repayment with the option "Recalculate interest" selected, the amount shown excluded recalculated interest (BTracker 4759)

  54. Total amount repaid for group member loans was disabled at loan repayment (BTracker 4756)

  55. An error popped up when posting a repayment in a multi-branch database when "Direct to Bank" option was chosen (BTracker 4761)

  56. LPF now accepts overpayments when closing a loan (BTracker 4720, Indefund, Malawi)

  57. The Date Picker at Loan Repayment always defaulted to JULY 2003 when user opened this. Now it defaults to the login date (BTracker 4823)

  58. If user closed a loan at repayment and want the client to pay interest, LPF activated the “No Interest” checkbox (BTracker 4771)

  59. When user closed a loan on declining balance with VAT on interest and zero decimals, LPF wanted to add decimals for VAT (BTracker 4782)

  60. If number of decimals was set to zero and VAT was charged, LPF still calculated VAT with 2 decimals at loan repayment (BTracker 4772)

  61. Inserting a payment for loans on declining balance where interest is recalculated at repayment, did not update the interest correctly (BTracker 4827)

  62. If a loan is written off and a transfer was done using the “Repay arrears from savings” option, interest was booked to the GL (BTracker 4741)

  63. The menu item Loan Repayment for group loans by savings transfer did not respect minimum balances (BTracker 4629)

  64. Group Members Repayment Screen could not be closed in case user decided not to calculate (BTracker 4824)

  65. Importation of Loan Applications gave an error message "Data type error encountered" (BTracker 4633)

  66. A new Loan Repayments Importation Template has been created with separate columns for Principal, Interest, Savings and Commission. For the time being this has to be run as an external file (BTracker 4635, Child Fund, Afghanistan)

  67. LPF did not update the general ledger when loans that were disbursed using the option 'Automatic loan disbursements', were deleted (BTracker 4828)

  68. “Calculate penalties on capitalized interest and penalties in arrears” added at Automatic Calculation of penalties for loans on declining balance. This is active if Option 3 is chosen at Configuration/Loans Part 2 (“Penalties calculated as a percentage over the period” and if user selects to choose to calculate penalties of Principal and Interest or Principal, Interest and Penalties in arrears. In that case, LPF calculates the interest (plus penalty) balance at the starting date of penalty calculation and applies the normal interest for this loan product to the principal and interest balance together (times the penalty period divided by number of days per year). Then the penalty percentage is applied to this total as specified at Configuration/Loans Part 2 (BTracker 4716, Indefund, Malawi)

  69. Added at Configuration/ Loans Part 2 a parameter to disregard grace period if period exceeds grace period. That means that if grace period is set to 30 days and client is late by 40 days, LPF does not calculate penalty over 10 days as it did before, but over 40 days (BTracker 4717, Indefund, Malawi)

  70. Penalty calculation as a percentage per installment did not include all loans (BTracker 4856, Finadev, Tchad)

  71. All penalty calculation methods did not respect grace period and expiry date if the option 'penalties calculated for each late installment' was checked (BTracker 4642)

  72. If a single member in a group was in arrears, LPF did not calculate penalties (BTracker 4671, Negociando Juntos, Mexico)

  73. The penalty calculation included loans that had been written off (BTracker 4855, Finadev, Tchad)

  74. Calculation of weekly penalties is not respected by LPF. Instead it calculated penalty on the installment amounts for the 30 days in arrears not the weekly charge as per the configuration set (BTracker 4800, Finadev, Tchad)

  75. If yesterday a penalty was added and since then no payments were received, LPF did not add a new penalty for today (BTracker 4710)

  76. LPF displayed an error message when user calculated penalties with the option "Calculate penalties on capitalized interest and penalties in Arrears" ticked (BTracker 4749)

  77. The Multi-Purpose Deposit menu kept the same time-stamp during the day even if the window was closed and re-opened (BTracker 4705, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)

  78. It was impossible to reschedule a loan without deleting the last repayment if the amount repaid was not the same as the amount due (BTracker 4086, Findev, Azerbadjan)

  79. In the loan module, receipt numbering is erroneous. After entering Loan application fees, the number increases by 2 at loan disbursement. In case user closes the disbursement screen without saving and retrieved the same loan to disburse again, the receipt changed and increased by 1 (BTracker 4708, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)

  80. Several reports were incorrect if a loan is partially disbursed (BTracker 4651, EFFCO, South-Africa)

  81. Printing of loan contracts with decimals set to a minus sign (-1 to -3) at System\ Configuration\General generated an error message (BTracker 4826)

  82. Client's address and telephone number added to the Loan Ledger Card(s) and Loan Repayment Schedule(s) (BTracker 4668, EFFCO, South-Africa)

  83. Loan Ledger Card can be printed for a future date with interest recalculated (BTracker 4719, Indefund, Malawi)

  84. LPF generated an error message when user tried to view or create a PDF for a loan using multi- loan ledger card report (BTracker 4736)

  85. Loan Ledger Card annual interest rate set changes, if viewed using Report formats 2-4 under Loans\portfolio reports\loan ledger card. This occurred if the interest rate had decimals say 20.50 (Annual interest rate), when user viewed the ledger card for report formats 2-4 , the interest rate on the ledger card changed to 21 (BTracker 4762)

  86. Loan Statement at a particular date gave an interest that is different from what is on the original Loan Ledger Card for loans on Declining Balance (BTracker 4839)

  87. LPF generated an error message when user tried to view a loan statement on a particular date under Loans\Portfolio reports\ Loan statement using Report form 1 (BTracker 4792)

  88. LPF duplicated the Guarantor’s names on the Guarantors report if user guaranteed a loan by more than 1 existing clients (BTracker 4682 and 4797)

  89. The “Reprint Repayment Schedule” report did not refresh if you changed from group loans to individual loans under Loans/Portfolio Report/Reprint repayment Schedule (BTracker 4609)

  90. Reprint of Loan Repayment Schedule did not give the same result as the original schedule (BTracker 4860, Finadev, Tchad)

  91. Added a report format at Loan Repayments with overpaid amount (BTracker 4721,Indefund, Malawi)

  92. Repayment of dues report and Active portfolio per credit officer report were not consistent if viewed at the same reporting period (BTracker 4654)

  93. Missed/Not Completed Payments report showed amounts due that were pre-paid (BTracker 4674, Findev, Azerbadjan)

  94. In case of pre-payments the "Principal not due" on the invoices of the menu item “Amounts Dues” was not correct (BTracker 4714, Indefund, Malawi)

  95. Ageing Classes can be extended up to 7 classes (BTracker 4684, Wasasa, Ethiopia)

  96. The Ageing report did not show principal amounts in arrears for loans at 31-60 days, 60-90 days, 91-120 days yet this is possible in 7.10.11 (BTracker 4740, Findev, Azerbadjan))

  97. LPF generated an error message when user tried to view the Aging report using Report format 2,3 and 4 (BTracker 4737)

  98. Arrears Report, report format 8 started with Reference number instead of Client name (BTracker 4694)

  99. VAT has been added to certain reports (Amounts due for current day, Payment made during a period report, Listing of repayments, Arrears Report, Group Member Arrears report, Group Member Outstanding Balance, BTracker 4814, Abelardo, Mexico)

  100. LPF duplicated client’s names when user viewed the Active Portfolio per credit officer report using Report formats 2 and 4 (BTracker 4766)

  101. LPF displayed an error message when user tried to view Monitoring report under Loans\ Portfolio reports\Analysis reports\Monitoring reports, “Variable <cWarning> is not found” (BTracker 4738 and 4639)

  102. The Loan Status Report did not show the name of the loan officer (BTracker 4691, The First Microfinance Agency, Kenya)

  103. A new format added for the Savings and Loans Collection Sheet, based on format number 2 but with additional columns for member name, savings balance (this is the total of all products), Balance Principal, Balance Interest and a column for the member’s signature. In case a savings product is not tracked at member level, this product is not included. The name of the credit officer is printed on all Savings and Collection Sheet formats. Also a checkbox is added saying “Include all members with savings balances”. This prints also members without loan balances on the collection sheet (BTracker 4712, The First Micro-finance Agency, Kenya)

  104. Added a new report format in Savings and Loans Collection Sheet (BTracker 4676, Hope International, DR Congo)

  105. The Savings and Loan Collection Sheet did not show any selection parameters in the report header (BTracker 4690, The First Microfinance Agency, Kenya

  106. Accruing interest for a flat rate loan with no repayment calculated a wrong interest amount (BTracker 4703)

  107. LPF calculated interest wrongly if user accrued interest on loans for Flat rate on a particular date (BTracker 4735)

  108. If a GL account number was updated , sometimes it was not positioned correctly in the chart of accounts (BTracker 4754)

  109. If at Modify GL Transaction user entered a transaction code that did not exist, LPF did not show an empty screen but just a random transaction (BTracker 4857, Finadev, Tchad)

  110. Modification of some Automatic GL Transactions was not possible at the "Transaction" Screen under Accounts module even if at Configuration this was allowed (BTracker 4747)

  111. In case user modified the GL transaction of a Savings Deposit/Wirhdrawal to/from Multiple Clients, an error message appeared (“Subscript is out of defined range”, BTracker 4680)

  112. The voucher number was not given automatically at entry of GL transactions if printing of receipts is activated and receipt number is to be used as voucher number (BTracker 4853, Finadev, Tchad)

  113. If at Modify GL Transaction user selected a savings or loan transaction, the savings or loan product combo-boxes on the first page did not show the correct product (they showed a different product, BTracker 4858 and 4859, Finadev, Tchad)

  114. The Balance Sheet for a period did not show the right subtotals when a third level is created. (BTracker 4648, Hekima, DR Congo)

  115. The Breakdown report did not show correct balances if printed for all account (BTracker 4883, Mampita, Madagascar)

  116. After running a month or a year closure user could still post manual transactions in the closed month/year at Accounts/Add Transaction (BTracker 4831, Ikingi Microfinance, Rwanda)

  117. The system displayed an error message "start of depreciation cannot be empty" when user clicked on "Add" button when registering an asset. This made depreciation impossible (BTracker 4641)

  118. LPF did not separate sold and not sold assets under Accounts\Assets\Depreciation Report (BTracker 4748)

  119. LPF now refuses the entry of a bounced cheque if more recent payments for a loan on declining balance are found (BTracker 4718, Indefund, Malawi)

  120. A selection option has been added to filter on Pending cheques older than xx days at cheque clearing (BTracker 4784)

  121. LPF did not allow a cheque deposit with cheque clearing charges on an overdraft account with negative balance (BTracker 4865)

  122. An error appeared at cheque clearing when the option of “Due dates have to be reported at cheques clearing” at Systems/configuration/Loan Part1 was activated (“variable 'CLIENTPHONE' is not found”, BTracker 4727)

  123. LPF did not save the settings made at Configuration/Loan part 1 for "Client may receive 2nd loan when the first loan is still outstanding" (BTracker 4791)

  124. The enabled property of Min and Max loan amount did not refresh if user changed the loan product at Configuration/Loan Products (BTracker 4752)

  125. Loan guarantee deducted at disbursement as a % could be entered at Configuration/Loan Product Settings with decimals for individual loans, but the decimals could not be saved (BTracker 4751)

  126. The SET ALL button for VAT on loans at configuration did not update anything (BTracker 4767)

  127. Two different Fund contributions on different dates could be made using the same cheque number (BTracker 4692, Wasasa, Ethiopia)

  128. At Fund contributions, when the same cheque number is entered manually, LPF gave an error message (BTracker 4693, Wasasa, Ethiopia)

  129. The balance of the Loan Revolving Fund was not updated correctly if transactions were not entered in chronological order (BTracker 4699)

  130. If at Tools/Checks on Database, user clicked on Data Corruption, s/he got the window for repair of chart of accounts (BTracker 4835)

  131. Option "Compare parameters with table"" at Tools/Check Database, was not working, user could not select a table. (BTracker 4836)

  1. Sometimes a Login error occurred with an SQL Server database, error: "Procedure SP_GetActiveUsers has no parameters" (BTrackerID 4564)
  2. User can only modify items (at Support Files and elsewhere) after clicking on a row in a grid, not after moving the cursor with the arrow keys (BTrackerID 4596)
  3. LPF does not import two groups with the same group name but different account numbers and registration codes (BTrackerID 4571)
  4. The name field is truncated on the Clients By ID Document report if grouped by document name (BTrackerID 4556, Aspire, Mexico)
  5. The Receipt for Savings Withdrawals, A4, 2 copies per page has been modified to align with the General Receipt A4, 2 copies per page (BTrackerID 4567, Alide, Benin)
  6. The Importation of a savings withdrawal created an error "Record is out of range" (BTrackerID 4573)
  7. If the first balance on the group member Import template for savings was zero, LPF crashed when importing (BTrackerID 4569)
  8. Charges and rewards have been implemented at group member level in the previous release but LPF did not post them to the GL (BTrackerID 4568)     to top
  9. User could not enter a charge for a specific group member's account, only to a group account, even if tracking is at member level. This is now possible (BTrackerID 4534)
  10. The savers statement did not show the account number if the client's name was long (BTrackerID 4592, Malanga, Mozambique)
  11. The Savings Balances report for dormant accounts gave an error ("SELECT Statements are Incompatible", BTrackerID 4523, UPN, DR Congo)
  12. If the logged-in user's function is a credit officer, (s)he will only see him-/herself at loan application under the credit officers. Other officers are not visible anymore (BTrackerID 4557, Aspire, Mexico)
  13. Round Left at loan application gave an error ("Array dimensions are invalid") in case of VAT on loans (BTrackerID 4552, Aspire, Mexico)
  14. LPF could run into a bug when printing a loan contract during Application (BTrackerID 4537)
  15. An error occurred ("VatTot not found") when modifying loan application for group members with member tracking if VAT was enabled for loans(BTrackerID 4604)     to top
  16. If a loan was guaranteed by a guarantor who had already guaranteed another loan, LPF displayed a message at loan disbursement "Guarantor (xx) also Guarantees Loan No......" (which was the same loan as was to be disbursed) (BTrackerID 4543)
  17. If user imported loan applications with a template configured for Member level while the databases was configured for group tracking, an error occurred ("Something went wrong"). If later the loans were approved and user imported disbursements, LPF duplicated the loan disbursement and showed the loan was disbursed n times where n is the number of group members in the loan (BTrackerID 4555)
  18. In an SQL Server database, LPF printed a receipt at Disbursement, followed by a message "No dues. Disbursement refused", then prompted user to print a loan contract yet loan was not disbursed (BTrackerID 4550)
  19. The feature to disallow payments in advance under System/Configuration/Loans part 1 did not work (BTrackerID 4602)
  20. LPF continued to re-calculate interest for loans with Declining balance if the user changed the settings at Configuration/Loan Part 2 to "Never re-calculate interest at repayment if declining Balance" (BTrackerID 4611)
  21. If repayment priorities were modifiable and the user modified the prepaid interest and principal the changes were not reflected when the transaction was saved (BTrackerID 4539, Women Finance House, Botswana)
  22. Loan Repayment from the Co-Account holder's Savings Account did not check for Savings Balances nor did it respect the Overdraft protection rules (BTrackerID 4503)     to top
  23. LPF did not allow the user to update cash differences if a Loan was pegged to a certain currency and tracked at group member level with the option Repayment priorities modifiable (BTrackerID 4544)
  24. Penalties can be calculated once only for a given period (same date) if loans were tracked at Group-member level. It was not possible to calculate penalties for a few members of the group, save this and then calculate penalties again for the same period but for the other members (BTrackerID 4553)
  25. Penalty calculated as a simple percentage (per installment) did not calculate any penalty (BTrackerID 4532)
  26. An error ("Open Table" dialog box) occurred when penalty calculated according to classes of amounts due (BTrackerID 4531)
  27. LPF did not consider the grace period set at Configuration if penalties were calculated as a simple percentage on a weekly basis (BTrackerID 4542)     to top
  28. The importation of group loans tracked at group-member level in SQL gave a incorrect Loan Ledger Card (BTrackerID 4581)
  29. The Importation of group loans with member tracking gave incorrect group and member values (BTrackerID 4577)
  30. Deleting Loan Disbursements in an SQL Database gave an error ("that something has gone wrong", BTrackerID 4547)
  31. Bug 4424 (Repayment rates cannot be more than 100%) of a previous version was not fixed (BTrackerID 4525, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France)
  32. The Loan Ledger Card did not refresh after selecting the loan account and switching between Group and Individual loans (BTrackerID 4548)
  33. LPF ran into a bug when user viewed the Loan Ledger Card after checking print against original dues and if VAT was enabled for loans (BTrackerID 4514)
  34. LPF increased the number of days in Arrears if the option "include loans with dues on reporting date" was checked (BTrackerID 4593)
  35. LPF gave an error message when viewing the "Payment made during a period report" with report formats 5 to 8 ("Variable INPEN not found", BTrackerID 4598 and 4583)     to top
  36. LPF displayed an error ("Open Table" dialog box) and terminated when viewing "Group members repayment" report (BTrackerID 4584)
  37. LPF displayed an error ("SQL: CostCName not found") when viewing deleted loan repayments (BTrackerID 4521)
  38. LPF displayed an error ("Open Table" dialog box) when viewing penalties vs penalty paid report under Loan / Portfolio reports/Reports on repayments/penalties vs penalty paid (BTrackerID 4582)
  39. The classification according to days in arrears was not showing for the Arrears Report for group members (BTrackerID 4151, Hekima, DR Congo)
  40. The Portfolio at Risk report showed negative amounts in arrears if a loan was on-time with installment due and paid on the reporting date (BTrackerID 4549, World Relief, Haiti)     to top
  41. The Performance Monitoring Report gave an error on selecting a Loan Fund that had been linked to the Set Targets template (BTrackerID 4605)
  42. The Group Member Category Report did not show the date as at which the report was generated (BTrackerID 4597)
  43. Option added to print Group-Members Repayment schedule on separate pages (BTrackerID 4558, Aspire, Mexico)
  44. Error ("File is in use") at the day closure in an SQL Server database when at message "Do u want to preview?" user clicked "NO" then click on "Day closure" again (BTrackerID 4591 and 4586)
  45. Bug 4511 (Day-Closure was not possible, LPF said that debit and credit are not equal but Correction from Tools menu is not possible) is not fixed (BTrackerID 4524)
  46. The importation of financial transactions did not allow the same GL account more than once for the same transaction (BTrackerID 4536, Hekima, DR Congo))     to top
  47. The Importation of Chart of Accounts generated an error ("Cannot access the selected table", BTrackerID 4517)
  48. If user deleted a loan repayment by selecting the Voucher number it was reversed in the sub ledgers but not in the General ledger which created an imbalance between the two (BTrackerID 4615)
  49. Trial Balance and P&L did not show mapped accounts (BTrackerID 4588, Hekima, DR Congo)
  50. If user depreciated assets and later de-activated them at Assets Register under the De-Activation Tab, when later they tried to view the In-Activated/Sold Assets LPF woud show all the Assets whether In-Active or not (BTrackerID 4535)
  51. The consolidation of data for a corporate database duplicated the ID documents and caused duplications in reports (BTrackerID 4613, Buusaa Gonofa, Ethiopia)     to top


    1. User could not select a specific branch for the Clients report in a corporate database (BTrackerID 4398).
    2. The voucher number has been added to Savings Withdrawal A4 (2 copies per page) and Withdrawal Finadev Tchad A4 (3 copies per page). These withdrawal receipts did not have the voucher number, even though the user had indicated that the receipt number had to be used as voucher number (BTrackerID 4494).
    3. When a client made more than one deposit in a day and user updated the last deposit made, all previous deposits would show the updated amount and the Savers Statement would only show one deposit for the day (BTrackerID 4446).
    4. The withdrawal of the savings balance after the loan is fully paid was not possible if 1) loans were linked to a savings and 2) a percentage of the savings balance was required before the loan is granted and 3)The he last repayment was done by savings transfer (BTrackerID 4389).
    5. LPF allowed to withdraw into negatives when there was a cheque deposit that was not cleared yet and a Maximum Negative Balance was set (BTrackerID 4404).     to top
    6. There was an error with the Importation of group member savings ("Variable AIN not found", BTrackerID 4484s).
    7.The menu Charges and Rewards did not post to individual accounts in the General Ledger, it only posted a block figure (BTrackerID 4502, Inkingi, Rwanda).
    8.The Importation of Charges and Rewards assigned a single transaction code to all the imported charges (BTrackerID 4401, Inkingi, Rwanda).
    9. The Importation of Charges and Rewards created a bug (Too many arguments) if group member tracking was enabled (BTrackerID 4504).
    10. The GL booking of the Importation of Charges and Rewards was incorrect. The income account was debited instead of credited and the savings account was credited instead of being debited (BTrackerID 4497, Inkingi, Rwanda).
    11. Importing a file with several savings transactions on the same day, caused an error (BTrackerID 4492).
    12. Many Savings and Loan reports can now be viewed/order by cost centers (BTrackerID 4363, Townserve MFI, Nigeria)
    13. The Savings Balances report for Dormant Accounts included Closed accounts. This is no longer the case, user can now choose between Dormant/Active/Closed/All Accounts (BTrackerID 4478, Socodevi, DR Congo).     to top
    14. The Savings balances report can be ordered by reference number and also be grouped by savings product (BTrackerID 4365, Townserve MFI, Nigeria).
    15. If a Time Deposit was opened by a savings transfer and later the TD was deleted, the transaction on the savings account was not reversed (BTrackerID 4481, Malanga, Mozambique).
    16. LPF considered the withdrawal of a Time Deposit on the maturity date as a pre-mature ending (BTrackerID 4438).
    17. The report on Time Deposits opened during a period was sometimes incorrect (BTrackerID 4473, Malanga, Mozambique).
    18. The client's picture can be added to the loan contract (BTrackerID 4447, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France). This is an enhancement
    19. If Loan Application with group member tracking and with VAT Calculation enabled gave an error ("Error variable MVatTot is not found", BTrackerID 4508).     to top
    20. LPF displayed an error message (Incorrect Value Passed to Function <insperiod>") when the user clicked the next button after selecting Four-Monthly as Installment Type at loan application (BTrackerID 4435).
    21.In case the loan amount is fully disbursed and no deductions are made, it is now possible to disburse a loan to the member savings accounts. Previously LPF refused to disburse a loan tracked at group level to a savings account tracked at group member level (BTrackerID 4456, Coopec Nyawera, DR Congo).
    22. The loan repayment screen now has an option to pay from a savings account where the loanee is a co-account holder. This is only active for individual loans (BTrackerID 4420, Malanga, Mozambique).
    23. If VAT was to be charged on interest at loan repayment, the posting of the Loan repayment gave an error that Debit and Credit were not equal (BTrackerID 4397).     to top
    24. Importation or manual entry of loan repayments for individual clients caused negative interest balances in case of loans on declining balance with interest recalculated and if the loan had penalties (BTrackerID 4409, Socodevi, DR Congo).
    25. It is now possible to delete any repayment, not starting with the last, at least for loans not on declining balance where interest is recalculated at repayment (BTrackerID 4443, Swabhimaan, India).
    26. The Al-Halaal receipt is now also available for other transaction types (BTrackerID 4440, Inkingi, Rwanda). This is an enhancement
    27. The menu Automatic Disbursement of loans did not check whether the Client's Savings Balances were high enough to guarantee the loan (BTrackerID 4452).
    28. Automatic Disbursement by Transfer to the Clients Bank Accounts did not indicate which clients did not have a bank account (BTracekrID 4448).
    29. If no invoice was received and user attempted to disburse to supplier with member tracking enabled, an error (Operator/Operand mismatch) was generated (BTrackerID 4491).
    30. LPF did not allow Share Based Loans for groups without setting also a percentage for individual loans at System\Configuration\Loan part 3 (BTrackerID 4410).     to top
    31. If user reduced the number of decimals in an existing database and then closed a loan, it could lead to a decimal balance that could not be paid off (BTrackerID 4463, Socodevi, DR Congo).
    32. A Repayment of a group loan - tracked at group level - by Savings Transfer is not possible anymore if Group Savings are tracked at Member Level (BTrackerID 4489).
    33.Rescheduling is now possible also before the last repayment. Before 7.10.10 this was only possible for installments after the last repayment (BTrackerID 4477). This is an enhancement
    34. The calculation of penalties per occurrence did not give any output (BTrackerID 4512).
    35. Format No. 4 of the Outstanding Loan Balances report showed Negative Amounts in arrears (BTrackerID 4460, Socodevi, DR Congo).
    36. If a loan is partially disbursed, the Outstanding Loan Balances reports showed the loan amount as outstanding instead of the disbursed amount (BTrackerID 4432, Oribcing, Uganda).
    37. A parameter has been added to define whether the repayment rate should include pre-paid amounts or not (BTrackerID 4424, Entrepreneurs du Monde, France).
    38. A format with Client ID document (type and number) is added to the Pending Disbursement report (BTrackerID 4476, Beit-el-Mal, Mauretanie). This is an enhancement.     to top
    39. The format for the Pending Disbursement report did not match the description (BTrackerID 4475).
    40. Loan Performer terminated when user selected the second option of the report formats of the Portfolio at Risk Report (BTrackerID 4500).
    41. The Active Portfolio per Credit Officer report for a period showed a different PAR if printed since disbursement (BTrackerID 4405).
    42. The Ageing Report generated a bug because of changes made to the cost centres (BTrackerID 4499, Caribbean Microfinance).
    43. Expiry Dates are added to the Amounts Due report (BTrackerID 4480, Socodevi, DR Congo).
    44. Rejected loan Applications were not recognised at menu Loans\Portfolio reports\Approved\Rejected\Pending loans, option Pending Loans (BTrackerID 4426).
    45. LPF included Applied or Approved Individual Loans (not Disbursed) under No. of clients with outstanding loans (individual clients) in the Performance Monitoring Report (BTrackerID 4423).     to top
    46. The group member report by loan cycle showed an Open Table dialog box (BTrackerID 4416, Child Fund, Afghanistan).
    47. The Performance Monitoring report was incorrect for selected parameters (BTrackerID 4415, Child Fund, Afghanistan).
    48. Loan History Report did not show client's name in cyrillic characters (only in Latin characters, BTrackerID 4425).
    49. It was impossible to post shares at menu Multi-Purpose Deposits for a group when group savings were tracked at member level (BTrackerID 4496).     to top
    50. TIt was impossible to enter deposits at menu Multi-Purpose Deposits for an individual or business clients if one of the savings products was tracked at member level (BTrackerID 4495).
    51.If at menu Multi-Purpose Deposits user entered a date beyond the login date, LPF would not save the transaction but it would still print a receipt (BTrackerID 4470).
    52.Multi-Purpose Deposits for a Business Client sometimes included Loan Repayments for a Group Member, especially if the client code for the group also existed for the group (BtrackerID 4461).
    53. LPF displayed an error message (Rollback command cannot be issued...) when used clicked on Cancel\Ok when trying to post a Multi-Purpose deposit on a Header Account at menu Cash\Multi-purpose deposit (BTrackerID 4430).
    54. It is now possible for the Day Closure report to be ordered by product and reference number (BTrackerID 4366, Townserve MFI, Nigeria). This is an enhancement.
    55. Day-Closure was not possible, LPF said that debit and credit are not equal, but Correction from Tools menu was not possible (BTrackerID 4366, Fonkoze, Haiti).     to top
    56. There was an error (Column "Account" is not found) when user ran the Day Closure Report (BTrackerID 4486).
    57. LPF accrued interest on a Frozen Loan (BTrackerID 4457).
    58. User could not import financial transactions as Excel files from Office 2007 (BTrackerID 4493).
    59. The reconciliation of Time Deposit is now possible at menu "Reconcile Savings and Loan transactions" (BTrackerID 4474).
    60. The menu Reconcile Savings and Loans module did not use the disbursed amount but the loan amount while reconciling a partially disbursed loan The menu Reconcile Savings and Loans module did not use the disbursed amount but the loan amount while reconciling a partially disbursed loan (BTrackerID 4433).
    61. The Balance Sheet report in case of French chart of accounts can be printable for Actif or Passif only (BTrackerID 4402, Inkingi, Rwanda). This is an enhancement.
    62. The Cashflow Report in a consolidated database showed duplicated labels. (BTrackerID 4411).
    63. The sub-totals on the Income & Expenses report were incorrect if grouped at group and sub-group level (BTrackerID 4483).
    64. At calculation of depreciation the decimals could not be rounded off (BtrackerID 4450, Socodevi, DR Congo).
    65. The status of a Debtor's Cheque did not change to Cleared (2) at System\Cheque Clearing even if the cheque was cleared (BTrackerID 4390).     to top
    66. With an SQL database user could not Set Targets. LPF gave an error message "Required file is missing" (BTrackerID 4482).

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